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Set Free – Galatians 5:1, 13 – Seminarian Adam Flanick

This week’s sermon, “Set Free” is based off of the epistle lesson from Galatians 5.  In the apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Paul exhorts the Galatian Christian to live in the freedom obtained through Christ which ultimately… Read More

The Passion of Our Lord – Scenes III, IV, and V

On this audio special, hear from Kevin Smith as he narrates the story of Jesus Christ as drawn from all four Gospels. Scene III. The Palace of the High Priest Scene IV. The Praetorium Scene V. Calvary

The Passion of Our Lord – Scenes I and II

On this audio special, hear from Kevin Smith as he narrates the story of Jesus Christ as drawn from all four Gospels

Exodus – God’s Presence Remains

Brian and Kevin wrap up the book of Exodus with the final Conversational Devotional of this Lenten season. In this reading we see God reminding the people that He is among them. They have built the tabernacle and… Read More

Exodus – The Shining Face of Moses

The Conversational Devotional for today has Brian and Kevin discussing the shining face of Moses. After Moses had seen the glory of God his face shone and frightened the Israelites to the point that Moses would wear a… Read More

Exodus – New Tablets and a Renewed Covenant

Brian and Kevin start this last week of the Exodus podcast talking about the remaking of the tablets. This has been a roller coaster of emotions as God once again renews His covenant with His people. As we… Read More

Exodus – Moses Intervenes and Sees God’s Glory

Today’s episode centers around two sections of scripture. Brian and Kevin discuss the Lord sending His people to the promised land, but He will not go among them. Leaving the Israelites to wonder what the future holds for… Read More

Exodus – Ohhh Man is Moses Mad!

Ohhhhh man is Moses mad!! Today Brian and Kevin welcome Solomon Conrad to the podcast. In this discussion we see Moses unleash his anger on the people when he comes down from the mountain and sees the great… Read More

Exodus – The Golden Calf

Brian and Pastor Andy Gimbel discuss the text for our final Wednesday Lenten service. The conversation centers around the Israelites’ construction of the golden calf. While Moses has been on Mount Sinai for 40 days, Aaron allows the… Read More

Exodus – The Sabbath

Today Brian and Kevin are joined once again by guest Elizabeth Belter. The devotion centers around God’s covenant of the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. We hear God give specific rules to Moses about how to keep… Read More

Exodus – Aaronic Priesthood

As we enter the final week of Lent before Holy Week, Brian and Kevin welcome guests Pastor Andy Gimbel and Isaac Conrad. The conversation focuses on the consecrating of the priesthood. We see descriptions of the purpose and… Read More

Exodus – The Ark of the Covenant

Brian flies solo in the discussion today with the help of guests Pastor Andy Gimbel and Leah Miget. The conversation revolves around what the Ark of the Covenant means and how it is to be built. A little… Read More

Exodus – Establishing the Covenant

The Conversational Devotional today centers around the establishment of the covenant. Brian, Kevin, and guest Elizabeth Belter discuss Moses’ confirming of God’s covenant with the sprinkling of the sacrificial blood on the people. We also see how Moses… Read More

Exodus – The Ten Commandments

Brian and Kevin continue the roundtable discussion with Gene and Mary Camfield and Elizabeth Belter. The text for today centers around the covenant of the Ten Commandments. These verses can be heard in our Wednesday Lenten services today… Read More

Exodus – God Speaks to His People

Today Brian and Kevin welcome a roundtable of sorts. Gene and Mary Camfield and Elizabeth Belter join the discussion today on the remainder of Exodus 19. In this reading we see God speak to the people. The Israelites… Read More

Exodus – Arrival at Mount Sinai

As we move into week four of our Lenten devotional on Exodus, Brian and Kevin welcome avid listener and commentator Mary Camfield. The discussion centers around the Israelites arriving at Mount Sinai and God proclaiming them to be… Read More

Exodus – Jethro’s Advice

Brian and Kevin welcome guest Isaac Conrad to discuss chapter 18 of Exodus. The conversation centers around Moses’ need to lean on the elders and create a government of sorts. We can see this mirrored in our own… Read More

Exodus – The Amalekites

On today’s podcast Brian and Kevin welcome guest Pastor Andy Gimbel. We are introduced to Joshua during the reading and discussion today. The Israelites face not just physical needs as they wander but also threats from other people… Read More

Exodus – Water from the Rock

As Brian and Kevin dive into the text for the third Wednesday in Lent they discuss the Water from the Rock. The trend continues as the Lord hears the grumblings of the Israelites in the desert. We see… Read More

Exodus – Manna from Heaven – Part 2

Brian and Kevin continue to discuss the Manna from Heaven on today’s episode. God has provided for his people, and lays down a few simple laws for them to follow. Yet just like us, the Israelites struggle to… Read More