Exodus – Aaronic Priesthood

As we enter the final week of Lent before Holy Week, Brian and Kevin welcome guests Pastor Andy Gimbel and Isaac Conrad. The conversation focuses on the consecrating of the priesthood. We see descriptions of the purpose and meaning behind the vestments that the priests wear. They discuss the anointing and the ties to Jesus and our modern day church.

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  1. Liz

    You know I never really think about what pastor is wearing in church or even the other vestments around. In my head I say I like the green garments because the pictures on them are pretty. I know that everything has a history and purpose but I didn’t really know that this came directly from God all the way back in Exodus.

  2. Out of Sync Mary

    I am so bummed that I have missed so much.

    I loved getting back in the groove after having been so far away.

    You lost me at Spider Man, but ….on to the next one

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