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Exodus – Arrival at Mount Sinai

As we move into week four of our Lenten devotional on Exodus, Brian and Kevin welcome avid listener and commentator Mary Camfield. The discussion centers around the Israelites arriving at Mount Sinai and God proclaiming them to be His “treasured possession”. Listen in on some great insights as the Israelites consecrate themselves in preparation for the Lord coming down into the sight of the people to speak.

One Comment on “Exodus – Arrival at Mount Sinai

  1. The microphone picks up everything!!! The editing was absolutely masterful and I know it is no easy job –I was trying so hard not to cough or clear my throat. 🙁

    May we consecrate ourselves through our lives as seriously as those who were awaiting God’s appearance at the foot of Mt. Sinai.

    I did not say,– but was also thinking of –the 100K people coming into our borders and the nightmare it is to house, feed and protect those who do not have a place in this country or any way to get one. Thinking of how God took care of millions without Gofundme pages, strictly through His Mercy and miraculous provision, and that it should help us to understand what it might have looked like for that many people traveled through the wilderness to finally come to a place that God had prepared for them. In this country we are closing in on a million and even with all we have here, we cannot provide for the needs of that many people.