Exodus – Exodus 3

This Conversational Devotional centers around the text that can be heard at Holy Cross for the Lenten services today. It’s a familiar story you may know, the Burning Bush.  Brian and Kevin have a discussion about the awe Moses surely felt when speaking to God, but also the tremendous self doubt that he carries. After all he is just a man.

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  1. Mary (of course)

    First, let me commend you on your pronunciations. Secondly, “self-doubt” is my middle name. Kevin almost let me off the hook except the you lost me at “gets tiring” (haha). Slapped me down! I always forget that God is with me but I would like the burning bush and voice. I resist anything that I do not think is in my skillset. Moses is me. It is not as though God has EVER asked me to do anything HUGE. It does not matter; I just raised kids and bloomed late. Even that was God’s doing.

    Brian, you mentioned archetypes…it seems clear to us looking back, but you gotta wonder why the Hebrews did not understand that as a man showed up to lead them that the man Jesus would show up and declare, as shown through the law and prophets, that He would lead them out of our world of sin into eternity. As I put in my last comment, Dennis Prager who is a very good solid man who believes in God as he knows Him, still does not see what God is saying in the Torah to the people he chose out of basically nowhere. Again: Who am I?

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