Exodus – Plauges Discussion

This week we listen in to a conversation on the first nine plagues. The guys discuss Pharaoh’s ever hardened heart despite the plagues that are ravaging the Egyptians. We get a very in depth look at each plague and the ramifications on the land and people.

Be sure to check out the bonus episode of the podcast where we have the opportunity to hear the Scripture reading in its entirety.

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  1. Mary

    There is so much here and the mention of polytheism was great because Pharaoh (hereon referred to as “P”) thought perhaps he could just not do something that he was doing to tick “Moses’ God” off. By the time it was over his economy was pretty much gone. I won’t blow the last plague, but I would love to go there….tomorrow.

    I really appreciated the discussion all the plagues after the reading, though you would have to give a class on each one perhaps to do it justice. I will just pick one.

    The darkness.

    I related that to the blindness of those who WILL not see God’s power. God displayed His power in all possible ways not just for the Egyptians and (P) but for His people who heretofore were probably thinking that God would not deliver them after all these many years of slavery. They were personally introduced to the God Who chose them and from Whom they would learn to obey from the Exodus on. I had not thought of it that way. Not only that, but God was gracious to expose Himself, -albeit painfully for the Egyptians, – so that because of God’s justice, none could say they did not know that the True God existed. Who knows how many Egyptians ceased to hold their idols in such high esteem after that? God showed Himself to be above and beyond nature and nature is what the Egyptians mostly worshipped.

    This is very good and I would never criticize anyone who would step up and put themselves out there…I do it all the time even when I’m totally wrong.

  2. Liz

    Mary I totally agree with your insight here. I felt the whole time that I was listening to the scripture reading that Pharaoh was trying to “trick” Moses. He just let his land go to devastation and for what…….

  3. Kevin

    I think we need to get Mary on an episode!

    1. Liz

      I wholeheartedly agree!! This woman has a lot of important things to say!

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