Exodus – The Golden Calf

Brian and Pastor Andy Gimbel discuss the text for our final Wednesday Lenten service. The conversation centers around the Israelites’ construction of the golden calf. While Moses has been on Mount Sinai for 40 days, Aaron allows the people to build an idol in violation of the first commandment. This angers God and we see Moses pleading for the people to not be consumed. This points us to the same way Jesus stands between us and God in taking on all of our sin.

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  1. Liz

    So I’m kind of wondering why the people built this calf in the first place. I’m listening to the reading and it doesn’t really say what their thought process was. Do you think they saw Moses as sort of their representation of God? While he was amongst them and telling them what to do and what God expects they felt this connection. And now that Moses has been gone for 40 days they feel they’ve lost connection?
    I feel that connection with God because of the Holy Spirit. Now please correct me…….was the Holy Spirit sent to us after Jesus was no longer on Earth to be with us? So I feel the connection because of the Holy Spirit and the Israelites do not because the Holy Spirit hasn’t come about?
    Also I’ve enjoyed watching Moses grow as a person. In the beginning of Exodus he’s constantly doubting and saying why me. Now he has the confidence and the strength and the love for his people to stand up for them when God is ready to send His wrath. Can you imagine standing up to God and saying those things? I think I would wilt before Him in an instant.

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