Isaiah 41 – Idol Smashing!

Brian is back! We have a large crew today to discuss Isaiah 41; Pastor Gimbel, Pastor Meyer, Isaac Conrad, and Shana Ziolko join. In the beginning of the chapter we see the Isrealites drawing near, knowing that they are coming to be judged. We see God speaking to His people directly. He is stating His control over the state of the world; He is part of the happenings. Even so despite that judgement that God is giving, He is also providing comfort in a real way. The crew relates this to our current day dealings with how this pandemic is making us take a closer look at ourselves and reflect on what things we have built as our idols and perhaps receiving judgement from God. However, we get to take comfort that God is now showing us what is more important and that He is in control!

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  1. John b.

    Always praying, Ever learning.
    I appreciate Brian’s revisit of verse 10. It is firm for everyone!
    As always, a Wonderful (and fun filled) discussion of HIS word.

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