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Isaiah 6 – Holy Angels, Batman!

This week Brain welcomes back Pastor Gimbel and Isaac Conrad to talk about Isaiah chapter 6. They read and discuss Isaiah’s vision of the Lord. The discussion begins with the imagery of using coals to cleanse Isaiah’s lips. He needs to be purified and cleansed because he is getting ready to spout the righteous word of the Lord. As always, the Gospel is pulled to the forefront, as we see in verse 7 our sin is taken away and our guilt is atoned for and we are cleansed and purified as well. We must truly believe that God’s forgiveness is real and our sin is taken away forever. We are called to be Holy, set apart!

2 Comments on “Isaiah 6 – Holy Angels, Batman!

  1. Love you these Lenten podcasts! Recovering from minor eye surgery and so nice to be able to hear while sitting w/ice packs on eyes.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Betty! I hope and pray that you recover quickly! We’ll keep giving you more to listen to 🙂