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Isaiah 65 – Looking Forward to It!

The final podcast of this Lenten season! Brian, Pastor Gimbel, and Isaac wrap up the season with the discussion of Isaiah 65. This passage connects us back to Genesis chapter 1 and connects us forward to Revelation as we hear about the new Heavens and the new Earth. We can’t even fathom what that will be like! The guys dive deep into a discussion about what it will be like to live in this world, and all the things that they hope will come. What a wonderful reminder for us to have as we’ve just come off of our Easter celebration. As they move on, Isaac digs out the parts of the passage where we see our themes of justice and righteousness, much to the awe of Brian. Essentially this passage is just loads and loads of hope about what is to come and what we have to look forward to because we are connected to Christ through our baptism.

2 Comments on “Isaiah 65 – Looking Forward to It!

  1. Thank you for this podcast!
    It really has made difference.
    “A new Heaven and new earth” observation.
    Often, people will discuss their thoughts visualising this. Yet little do we hear about inward “feeling”…Today’s discussion explored this.
    I would like to share a thought that explores “feeling”.

    Everyone at some point or specific time in their life has experienced that “one” and fleeting moment where the world stopped in pure joy! This could be the discovery of “love, a longed for gift, or anything” that just stops you in your you in your tracks as you “joy” in this moment.
    For me? It was witnessing the birth of the new creation by God of my children…I was so happy, but will never experience that feeling ever again on this side of the Kingdom of God.
    I yearn for that “feeling”…
    The word of God assures us that we will experience that “feeling” once again in prayer, praise & thanksgiving in Heaven…the way I like to explain it is…Take that one best feeling of the greatest joy then Ten fold it,or infinity, and it is for eternity!!!

    Congratulations and a joyous Thanks to everyone involved in these presentations!

  2. What a beautiful observation, John! My most joyous moments in life have also been at the birth of our children. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I was crying and couldn’t get any words out when I called family to tell them!

    We will certainly pass along your gratitude to the podcast crew. Thanks for being a good and faithful listener!