Exodus – 10th Plague

The Conversational Devotional today centers around the tenth and final plague. Brian and Kevin dive into the awesome power of God and the wave of destruction from the deaths of all the first born sons in Egypt. This plague is so devastating and yet we can see the promise of our Savior in this first Passover.

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  1. Liz

    The first time I listened to this episode I missed some key points (probably wasn’t giving my full attention). I even had to have a little clarification discussion with Brian about the connection with The Passover leading to The Lord’s Supper. However, when I listened again this morning on my way to work I had a “Moses moment”. I thought ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why do I deserve this wonderful gift?’ ‘Why choose me?’

    Simply because God sent his Son to die, and now because he gives me that covenant of Jesus’ body and blood I get to live in paradise forever….. It was too great to hear almost, and I shed a few tears (thanks waterproof mascara :)). God sends me the tools and provides me the only answers I need, and my only job is to have faith and believe and rejoice in these wonderful gifts that I did nothing to earn. It is truly awesome and humbling. Even though I feel unworthy of God’s gifts pretty much all of the time, I felt a sense of love and comfort wash over me as I listened to Brian and Kevin.

    I am truly enjoying how you take the Exodus story and reach forward and connect it to Christ. I am learning so much!

    1. Brian

      Talk about tears…. You got me going with your comment, kiddo. How wonderful it is to know that my favorite person in the whole world has felt the embracing love of Christ, simply by listening to our little project. Yay, God!! And thank the Spirit for being ever present to create moments like this!

  2. Mary

    Oh, Liz I so agree with everything you said. And am grateful for these broadcasts as they really do flesh out a few things; and yet there is so much more there. Heaven will not be boring!

    I said yesterday I focused on the darkness in the 9th plague. Today was the final judgment, if you will. God was so gracious, –really,– to Pharaoh in that he let him taste what the God he was resisting could do to him; and yet, he continued to resist. It’s like the floods in the midwest. Oh, we will get through them, but when they hit, everyone cries out to God, “Save me!” Afterward it is back to whatever we were doing. And then, — God’s order prepare! Is it different for us?

    It seems that when the mind is dark, everything else is dark; reason, self-awareness, notice of how great our lives are. And then one day, death. The reality of the end of all things. God brought that home in this story.
    Pharaoh now had to deal with a “forever reality”.

    Conversely, so did Israel but in a different way. The “Forever” for them was a remembrance of God’s grace and mercy. In The Lord’s Supper, our Forever is taking part of that True Forever sacrifice, which we take for granted. The seriousness of God’s dictates for we “under Grace” Christians sometimes is more lighthearted for some. I pray not.

    I love the discussion, love the reading, love that you will do this! (note, I have stopped wearing mascara — so messy)

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