Exodus – Bitter Water Made Sweet

On today’s conversational devotional, Brian and Kevin, they see yet another side of the Lord’s provision for His people, acting as His healer. Our hosts also bring to light a couple of strong parallels to the story of Jesus and of the Gospel message.

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  1. Brian

    While listening to this conversation today (the first time since we recorded it), I realized that in my ramblings on our state of imprecation that I neglected to give the glory due the Holy Spirit. It is not we that “can get/do better,” it is the ever presence of the Spirit that guides and affects our lives. I apologize for the oversight; sometimes my mouth moves faster than my heart.

  2. Mary

    Sanctification happens, Brian! 😀

    What I was thinking is that many Christians believe that they will live a life without sickness if they just hold their mouths right or do everything commanded or just because they are Christians. In fact, a closer read says that, God will not bring the diseases ON THEM that HE brought on the Egyptians.

    In other words, “You will get sick because you (we) are in the wilderness but it will not be “MY doing”.

    God makes things happen that are out of the ordinary like sweetening the water, life, your day, — just letting me know that even though I owe $1000 on my taxes (boo!) He can still make it right…*sigh*

    Longterm, of course, the sweet comes after this life, and how sweet it will be, — not to pay taxes 😉

  3. Liz

    I’ve been out of town and unable to listen to this one yet. I’m majorly jonesing!! I am so grateful for this podcast. I’m learning so much and really connecting with God’s word in a new way. So what’s the plan for season two, three……? 😜

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