Exodus – Establishing the Covenant

The Conversational Devotional today centers around the establishment of the covenant. Brian, Kevin, and guest Elizabeth Belter discuss Moses’ confirming of God’s covenant with the sprinkling of the sacrificial blood on the people. We also see how Moses gathers 70 of his elders to teach them how to lead the people.

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  1. Mary the Convicted

    You had me at the sprinkling of the blood both on the altar and the people. That to me said something very serious. It reminded me of the blood of which partake and how Jesus’ blood is not only on us, so that God can look on us, but is in us. Sometimes because actual blood is not physically sprinkled on us, we do not get the seriousness of what it means. If you have ever smelled blood of any creature, even your own, you know that it is acidic and acrid smelling, disgusting. It is sticky and stains, — and yet, it cleanses! There is a reason, aside from the obvious foreshadowing, that blood was necessary to establish God’s covenant with the people. It was to mark them with innocence that they did not possess.

    On a side note, it is good for us to remember how we are to come to God; we are to come to Him as He tells us to, not as we prefer or imagine. As Liz asked as to why Moses did not enter in, it was for taking matters into his own hands rather than approaching the rock as God had ordered. I am reminded of the gravity of Israel’s approach in the temple and how lightly they eventually regarded it. Lord protect us from doing things “our” way and not Yours!

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