Exodus – Exodus 4

Continuing on with the conversation, Brian and Kevin give us some insights on Moses’ journey back to Egypt. Again Moses feels unworthy and fears his people will not believe. Listen in to see how God placates Moses, and gives him wondrous signs to show the Israelites.

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  1. Mosheh ;-)

    Going back, I realized that Moses’s mother was a Levite. Don’t know how that all fits.. and his name “drawn out”, son….and deliver..but I digress…

    One thing really stuck out to me in this great chapter and discussion; and that is the difference between “belief” and “faith”, — or trust. Moses believed that he was speaking “with” God and knew His power and history. And yet when it came to performing, like most of us, he could only see himself and his own weakness and not the power of God to work through that weakness. He did not trust. Not only did he not want to do it, which is probably why God chose him, but he did not feel that he could communicate God’s will to the Egyptians. Probably a good thing because a leader who wants the position would take all the credit. I identify so much with Moses. I have been in the position to argue with God and ultimately just realized that regardless of what I thought about me, God did not care and was not impressed by my excuses. It is a really bad place to be humanly speaking, but God uses it all anyway, and eventually you forget what a wimp you really are and “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered”. Ps 68

  2. Mary

    Desperation: Without hope; giving in to despair. This time I identified with Israel. Moses is a forgone conclusion. Israel had to remember what God had done for them in the past and so, when Moses shows up and says, “God has spoken to me and here’s proof” they could not BUT believe. God knows how to reach us at our hour of need. I can remember a desperation time in my life when I thought that God wanted nothing to do with me. I can even remember sitting at my table asking God, “Have I sinned so terribly that I cannot be saved?” God was merciful with Moses and was merciful with me and answered me; not with signs and wonders, but showing me in His Word what I had believed about Him all my life was in error.

    God’s mercy in “placating” Moses is what He does with us everyday. He does not damn us for our human resistance to His Will but makes us an offer we cannot refuse, which is Christ.

    Also, I liked the similarity with Moses coming on the scene and the Hebrews not recognizing him as one of them. Sounded a lot like how they received (or not) Jesus when He came on the scene as Joseph’s son, in their mind. You can hear Israel say, “Isn’t this the guy who killed that guard?”

    And, regards Zipporah, all I will say is, “Once again, Moses is saved by a woman!” (Just kidding!) LOL…is my background showing?

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