Exodus – Exodus 5; Exodus 7:1-13

Let my people go! I’m betting we’ve all heard, or even made, this exclamation at some point in our lives. Today’s conversation centers around Moses’ initial encounters with Pharaoh. Brian and Kevin discuss Moses’ plea to let his people go, if even just to be able to go pray, but Pharaoh’s heart is hardened.

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  1. Mary

    I will stand corrected on this, if it is not correct, but wasn’t God’s hardening of Pharaoh, after about the locust plague but until that time Pharaoh’s heart was hard of its own volition? In 7:3, when God says “I will harden” is he talking futuristically? Up to the locusts, it is Pharaoh and his officers who harden their own hearts, but then God finally lets them have their way and fixes their hardness of heart in their place. Is it a matter of translation, interpretation or understanding? I guess I was just thinking about it with relation to Romans 1 and turning one over to a reprobate mind. At any rate, great discussion and food for thought.

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