Exodus – God Speaks to His People

Today Brian and Kevin welcome a roundtable of sorts. Gene and Mary Camfield and Elizabeth Belter join the discussion today on the remainder of Exodus 19. In this reading we see God speak to the people. The Israelites are at the foot of the mountain witnessing the thunder and loud trumpet sounds as God speaks to Moses. Such amazing and awesome power and feeling this passage elicits.

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  1. Mary

    I got more from this listening at 3000 feet today! I loved the insights and it makes me realize every time how much I truly love the Body of Christ here at Holy Cross.

    The mob mentality, the sightseer mentality, — who cannot identify with that? People go to rallies hoping to see a baseball player or politician and can you just imagine what the people were thinking to be able to “maybe” see The Living God in their midst talking to one of them? And then there is Jesus; touchable, visible, and hearable, — and now we have the evidence within us. Selah….

    These get better and better, but God’s Word is worth our time, for sure. This was time well spent for us all.

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