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Isaiah 64 – Filthy Rags

Happy Good Friday!! On this penultimate episode of the Isaiah podcast we have just the original three Brian, Pastor Gimbel, and Isaac. In the beginning of the passage the reader asks for God to come down from the heavens, in an element of punishment, in a way, as Pastor Gimbel describes. This leads to a discussion on how God comes to us; in a sweet gentle way or in a way of power, might, and wrath. Pastor Gimbel then asks the question why, why is God coming down. The ultimate answer is He comes to tackle our sin. He comes down in anger, which we know, but yet we still ask Him to come. This connects us to Good Friday. This is the day that has us more focused on our sinful nature. We reflect on how serious our sinful nature is, and how it was all laid onto one man. Fear not, by the end of the passage there is some hope to be found!

One Comment on “Isaiah 64 – Filthy Rags

  1. Thank you Gentlemen for keeping us grounded in faith.
    This podcast message is so relevant especially today (Good Friday)…and God’s word through Isaiah should be recalled everyday.
    In light, I have done terrible things, yet my earthly father still loves me…my children have done terrible things, yet I still love them.
    How much more then, must our Heavenly Father love us by coming in the flesh to sacrifice himself for us…this is “pure” love.
    Thanks again.