Exodus – Introduction

On this episode, we are introduced to our podcast hosts, Brian Belter and Kevin Smith as they guide us as to what to expect from the podcast coming up.  Brian and Kevin each serve on our Board of Elders at Holy Cross.  We hope that you will join us in these audio devotionals during this Lenten season!

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  1. Dawn Kahler

    Kevin & Brian,
    I enjoyed listening to your first Podcast of the Lenten series! Thank you for the time, planning and study you have dedicated towards this new opportunity for outreach. I will look forward to listening to your insights and discussions during the upcoming podcasts.
    When inviting your listeners to attend Wednesday services, please remember to mention the 11:00 a.m. service also. 😉 Dawn

    1. Liz Belter

      Brian and Kevin temporarily forgot the 11:00 Wednesday service, but they mention it in forthcoming episodes. So glad you are enjoying the podcast!!

    2. Brian

      Thanks Dawn. We have made sure to get all the service times mentioned in future episodes.

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