Exodus – Exodus 1:15-22

On this episode, Brian Belter and Kevin Smith discuss the sad and unfortunate decision by Pharaoh of Egypt to make them endure even further.

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  1. Mary

    So, I was reading a book by Dennis Prayer, called “The Rational Bible” meaning , as it says, “The Bible According to Reason” . Prayer points out that the words used for “they are vigorous” are “ki chayyote hei-nah” which also means “they are animals” which likely plays into Pharaoh’s anti-ethnic attitude toward the Hebrews, fear as well. The other thing I noticed in the text, and Prager also points this out, is that when the midwives are speaking they refer to the Hebrews as “they” which would indicate they were not Hebrew women but rather midwives FOR the Hebrews. I thought that was interesting as well. So, most likely they feared Pharaoh, but it also said that they feared God. They were gentiles and yet, God blessed them for allowing His people’s sons to live. God “established households for them”. So much like God to bless those who bless His people.

    This paragraph regarding letting every girl lives Prager writes: “One likely explanation is offered by a Midrash (a rabbinic story that illustrates a biblical story) which relates that Pharaoh was warned by his sorcerers and astrologers that a male savior of the Israelites was about to be born.” Once again, if this is true, we can see that God keeps painting the same picture and story over and over to herald the coming of His Son, and to keep Messiah foremost in the minds of His people.

    Prager does not see the HUGE significance in what he writes, but he certainly understands the Hebrew culture. He can see how God was faithful and consistent and how mankind is consistently dense; — sadly Prager still missed the big picture because of his own Hebrew-centrism. May God open his eyes!
    Thanks Guys!

  2. Mary

    PS: I should have cited that …I will do better next time…great book, and sad at the same time.

    Prager, Dennis . The Rational Bible. Washington, DC: Regnery Faith, 2018.

  3. Kevin S.

    Thank you again Mary! The fact that Pharaoh feared a male descendant specifically AND was informed of this by his sorcerers paints an even greater parallel. Awesome research work 🙂

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