Exodus – God’s Presence Remains

Brian and Kevin wrap up the book of Exodus with the final Conversational Devotional of this Lenten season. In this reading we see God reminding the people that He is among them. They have built the tabernacle and have created a place for God’s presence to reside. The one on one conversation between God and the people is over for now. However, this leads us to our faith in knowing God is always there. His spirit is with us to guide us everyday.

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  1. Darlene

    I will miss my evening visits with you two gentlemen. I looked forward listening to this podcast every evening for the past 6 weeks. Know that you were a blessing to many as you both testified that you were blessed by this journey. May God continue to lead and bless you both. Your Holy Cross family is so proud of you both!!

    1. Kevin S.

      Thank you Darlene. It was a wonderful journey.

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