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Exodus – Manna from Heaven

Brian and Kevin are back at it again for the second full week on the podcast. Today they discuss the miraculous nature of manna as well as other ways that God still takes care of us today.

One Comment on “Exodus – Manna from Heaven

  1. The people had just received their freedom and they were now wanting to be taken care of. It was not enough that they had suffered for years under the Egyptians, having their children killed capriciously by Pharaoh, and working some to death! It was as if they were saying “What have you done for me lately?”

    God is so gracious; He took care of them despite their exaggeration. Do we do that when it is “Chicken AGAIN???”

    For me it is our health & present work life that we are enjoying at our age. I too fall into that trap of not recognizing what God has already done for us and sometimes look around for the next provision,– God help me! God is providing in HIS way for what WE need, whether it is a test of our faith or just because He knows us better than we know ourselves and/or what is coming for us in this life. My trust is in the Lord, who made Heaven and earth!