Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool Activities

See our 3 year old and 4 year old daily schedules below.

Table Stations for Math and Theme
Children explore a variety of materials to enrich sensory experiences in our touch table and with playdough as well as to discover more about our math concept and theme for the week.  Math concepts include understanding number relationships such as more/less, counting objects, 1:1 correspondence, sorting, classifying, sizes, positions, sequencing, patterning, colors, numbers, shapes, measurement and using math vocabulary.  The 4 year old classes also work with materials to reinforce the letter of the week to learn the name, sound and writing the correct formation.

Themes Instruction
Students enjoy factual and fiction stories, songs and games to discuss our theme of the week.  Introducing a new theme each week sparks curiosity about God’s glorious world and helps to develop expanding skills.  Themes cover social studies areas, seasons, holidays, health and science topics.  

Centers & Individual Projects with Teacher
Students have free choice to explore the various centers.  Self-directed activities allow children to grow confidence and explore their passions while having opportunities for positive interactions with other children and adults.  During this time the teacher will call a child for individual time with the teacher to work on their projects which reinforce the theme, letter and math concepts. Children are guided to strengthen their fine motor skills as well as the ability to plan and carry out a task that expresses their ideas.

Clean up
Children are taught the important skill of taking care of materials and working together to put them away where they belong.  Shelves are labeled with pictures to help them successfully put things where they belong.

Circle Time – Calendar, Weather, Bible Story
Children take turns leading the class through calendar activities to learn days of the week, months of the year, counting, 1-1 correspondence, number recognition, patterning and awareness of special events and the weather in the world around them.  During Bible story time, we focus on a Bible story for the week using books, puppets, flannel board, songs and prayers. The details of each story are provided in the weekly parent letters. 

Snack, Reading Center
A healthy snack is provided each morning and afternoon.  Students may bring a special treat on the day we celebrate their birthday (half-birthday for those in the summer).  After snack, students enjoy the variety of books in our reading center that reinforce the concepts we are learning.

Outside 4

Outside or Gym
Time to get our bodies moving!  We have a wonderful playground, a cabinet of outside toys and a big field as well as a gymnasium with a cabinet full of playground balls, basketball hoops, balance beam, scooters, stilt cans, obstacle course cones, exercise spots, hoops, ring toss and parachutes that help us work on coordination skills.


Group Time
This is a time for fun group games, moving to music and silly stories.

Review Day
We look at our picture schedule and remember what we did during each part of the day so they can tell all about what they learned.  Parents also receive monthly calendars and weekly parent letters with details of our activities.

Special Classes
Chapel:  We go to the sanctuary each week for Bible story with one of the 2 Pastors or the Director of Christian Education.

Music Class:  The Church Music Director teaches the songs that the children will perform in church four times during the school year.  They also use a variety of instruments to work on hearing the beat and rhythms. Students in 4s classes learn to play the colored hand bells which they perform in church twice a year.

Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool 3s Class Schedule

Morning TimesClass ActivitiesAfternoon Times
8:30Table Stations for Math and Themes12:30
9:00T – Chapel, Th – Music, Restroom, Themes Instruction1:00
9:40Centers & Individual Projects with Teacher1:40
10:00Clean up2:00
10:10Circle Time – Calendar, Weather, Bible Story2:10
10:25Restroom, Snack, Reading Center2:25
10:40Outside or Gym2:40
11:00Bible Story, T – Show & Share, Th – Class Sharing3:20
11:25Review Day, Closing Song3:25

Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool 4s Class Schedule

Morning TimesClass ActivitiesAfternoon Times
8:30Table Stations for Math and Themes12:30
9:00Specials: M – Music, W- Chapel, F – Show & Share 1:00
9:15Prayer, Calendar, Weather, Math Discussion, Bible Story1:15
9:30Outside or Gym1:30
9:50Restroom, Snack, Reading Center1:50
10:05Theme Instruction Carpet Time2:05
10:35Centers and Individual Projects with Teacher2:35
11:15Clean Up3:15
11:20Group Movement – Games, Music3:20
11:25Review Day3:25

The times on the schedule are flexible, based on student interest in activities. The order of activities is almost always followed to provide predictable structure. As the age and maturity of the classes increase, Themes Instruction time will also increase to help develop longer attention spans.