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Isaiah 65 – Looking Forward to It!

The final podcast of this Lenten season! Brian, Pastor Gimbel, and Isaac wrap up the season with the discussion of Isaiah 65. This passage connects us back to Genesis chapter 1 and connects us forward to Revelation as we hear about the new Heavens and the new Earth. We can’t even fathom what that will be like! The guys dive deep into a discussion about what it will be like to live in this world, and all the things that they hope will come. What a wonderful reminder for us to have as we’ve just come off of our Easter celebration. As they move on, Isaac digs out the parts of the passage where we see our themes of justice and righteousness, much to the awe of Brian. Essentially this passage is just loads and loads of hope about what is to come and what we have to look forward to because we are connected to Christ through our baptism.

Isaiah 64 – Filthy Rags

Happy Good Friday!! On this penultimate episode of the Isaiah podcast we have just the original three Brian, Pastor Gimbel, and Isaac. In the beginning of the passage the reader asks for God to come down from the heavens, in an element of punishment, in a way, as Pastor Gimbel describes. This leads to a discussion on how God comes to us; in a sweet gentle way or in a way of power, might, and wrath. Pastor Gimbel then asks the question why, why is God coming down. The ultimate answer is He comes to tackle our sin. He comes down in anger, which we know, but yet we still ask Him to come. This connects us to Good Friday. This is the day that has us more focused on our sinful nature. We reflect on how serious our sinful nature is, and how it was all laid onto one man. Fear not, by the end of the passage there is some hope to be found!

Isaiah 61 – The Reset Button

For today’s episode, host Brian Belter once again welcome Pastor Gimbel, Isaac Conrad, and Shana Ziolko as they discuss Isaiah 61.  Pastor Gimbel kicks off the discussion with a reminder that Jesus Christ quoted this exact passage early on in His ministry and put Himself as the fulfillment of these powerful words.  The discussion then goes to the Biblical idea of the Year of Jubilee as the crew debates whether or not that idea would still be a good one today.  Later, Pastor Gimbel is encouraged to consider wearing special headdresses in church, but counters that by sharing that he already wears plenty of things on his head at home with his children.  Finally, the discussion concludes with the reminder of God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that still holds true today: that we are all gathered into the family of God!

Isaiah 55 – God’s Thoughts

A full boat, as Brian calls it, as today he is joined once again by Pastor Gimbel, Isaac, Shana, and Pastor Meyer. The conversation starts with discussion on how we have a God that we can turn to and He invites us to call upon Him. This is a very unique and beautiful thing to Christianity! Next, Pastor Gimbel invites us to focus on the passage, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.” We have to take comfort in the fact that it is ok for us to say we just don’t know what is going on in our world right now. Brian provides hope that we will come out of this stronger and have better relationships with each other, which can translate into a better relationship with God!

Isaiah 42 – The Spectacular Servant

Today Brian, Pastor Gimbel, Isaac, and Shana break down Isaiah chapter 42 into two chunks. The first section, verses 1-4, gives us a little insight into our Lenten theme this year of the suffering servant. The servant is not fighting the inevitable, but will carry out what He was sent to do. The crew talks a lot about the justice that we actually deserve, but instead we are given grace by God. In the second half of this passage we focus on the power of God’s creation. We also get a call back to the covenants that God has made with His people. This starts a deep discussion as to whether this passage is referring to Jesus, or to Abraham, or even to us. The contrast is evident in these passages, we see the power of the servant and also the suffering of the servant, which points us directly to Holy Week!

Isaiah 43 – Water, Water, Everywhere!

On this episode, Brian, Pastor Gimbel, Isaac, and Shana dive deeper into Isaiah 43 and all of the baptism imagery that we find in this wonderful passage! Isaac shares why he is so excited about baptism, while Pastor Gimbel provides a solid baptism illustration from one of his favorite Disney Pixar movies. Shana chimes in with a whole host of other Old Testament Biblical images that connect to this passage, while Brian lifts up the Great Exchange theme that is at the center of this passage – a theme that is at the heart and core of our lives as Christians!

Isaiah 41 – Idol Smashing!

Brian is back! We have a large crew today to discuss Isaiah 41; Pastor Gimbel, Pastor Meyer, Isaac Conrad, and Shana Ziolko join. In the beginning of the chapter we see the Isrealites drawing near, knowing that they are coming to be judged. We see God speaking to His people directly. He is stating His control over the state of the world; He is part of the happenings. Even so despite that judgement that God is giving, He is also providing comfort in a real way. The crew relates this to our current day dealings with how this pandemic is making us take a closer look at ourselves and reflect on what things we have built as our idols and perhaps receiving judgement from God. However, we get to take comfort that God is now showing us what is more important and that He is in control!

Isaiah 40 – The Driver’s Seat

Pastor Gimbel steers the ship himself in today’s episode covering the later half of Isaiah 40. Today he welcomes Pastor Meyer, Isaac Conrad, Shana Ziolko, and faithful editor Kevin Smith. We start out with perhaps a bit of scolding asking, “Have you not been paying attention to what the prophets have been telling you this whole time?” However, as our crew moves through the verses, the guys are able to relate what is happening in this passage with what we are currently experiencing in the world today. The group reminds us God is in control, and trusting in God is what will get, not only the Israelites, but now us, through this. God never sleeps and never grows weary!

Isaiah 40 – Comfort x2!

Brian and Pastor Gimbel are back this week with special guest once again Shana Ziolko. As we move into this second half of Isaiah we start to see more Gospel oriented words and hope for the future. These words give us comfort that even though we should receive double punishment for our sins, we actually receive double blessings. Brian also points us to our justice finding in this passage, maybe in a little more round about way but it is there. This is a great episode that shows us that the Word of God is forever even when all else, even our flesh, fades away.

Isaiah 11 – Cockatrice Den

On this week’s episode, Brian Belter and Pastor Gimbel welcome Pastor Meyer and Shana Ziolko to discuss Isaiah 11. The crew today decides to rename the studio the “Cockatrice’s Den” in honor of the unique reference found in this passage. After the crew tries to figure out what exactly a cockatrice is, Shana highlights how God usually chooses people we least expect. Finally, Brian astutely points out once again how justice and righteousness show up in this passage.

Isaiah 9 – Images of Jesus

Merry Christmas once again as Brain talks with Pastor Gimbel and Isaac Conrad about Isaiah chapter 9 today. The conversation starts with pointing out some of the misconceptions that this passage could have brought about, including giving the people at the time an excuse to not accept Jesus as the Messiah. So the question becomes how is this prophecy fulfilled then, since we know it is clearly about Jesus? Brian and Pastor Gimbel each offer their own wonderful explanations with great imagery. What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below or tell the guys what you think.

Isaiah 7 – A Sign from God

Brian welcomes Pastor Gimbel, Isaac Conrad, and Pastor Meyer to discuss the ‘Christmas passage’ from Isaiah 7 on today’s episode. The guys offer a little background knowledge on the characters in this passage before they dive into the discussion. We then jump right to the sign of “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” The debate is on, how do we translate this prophecy and connect it to Jesus? And what a prophecy it is! Listen in as the guys offer their different viewpoints, and nerd out a little in the process.

Isaiah 6 – Holy Angels, Batman!

This week Brain welcomes back Pastor Gimbel and Isaac Conrad to talk about Isaiah chapter 6. They read and discuss Isaiah’s vision of the Lord. The discussion begins with the imagery of using coals to cleanse Isaiah’s lips. He needs to be purified and cleansed because he is getting ready to spout the righteous word of the Lord. As always, the Gospel is pulled to the forefront, as we see in verse 7 our sin is taken away and our guilt is atoned for and we are cleansed and purified as well. We must truly believe that God’s forgiveness is real and our sin is taken away forever. We are called to be Holy, set apart!

Isaiah – Isaiah 1 – Scarlet Sins White Snow

On this episode of the podcast, Brian Belter, Isaac Conrad, and Pastor Gimbel discuss the reading from Isaiah 1:10-18.  We hear a bit more about the background about what God’s people were doing at the time of Isaiah. Meanwhile, Pastor Gimbel shares a little more about his home life while Brian gives advice on how to clean tough stains. More importantly, we hear the beautiful promise about how God changes us by taking our scarlet sins and making them white as snow!

Isaiah – Isaiah Introduction

The Lenten podcast returns! On this episode we are starting a new conversational Bible study series as we take a deeper dive into the book of Isaiah. Join host Brian Belter, Pastor Gimbel, and Pastor Meyer as they discuss some of the background and themes of this wonderful book of the Bible and see how it all points to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Look for new episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays from now through Easter.

Set Free – Galatians 5:1, 13 – Seminarian Adam Flanick

This week’s sermon, “Set Free” is based off of the epistle lesson from Galatians 5.  In the apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Paul exhorts the Galatian Christian to live in the freedom obtained through Christ which ultimately leads to love that serves others.  Even though we often fail to recognize the freedom we have in Christ, today we are reminded that true freedom is in Jesus Christ and shows itself as we serve our neighbors out of love.

The Passion of Our Lord – Scenes III, IV, and V

On this audio special, hear from Kevin Smith as he narrates the story of Jesus Christ as drawn from all four Gospels.

Scene III. The Palace of the High Priest

Scene IV. The Praetorium

Scene V. Calvary

The Passion of Our Lord – Scenes I and II

On this audio special, hear from Kevin Smith as he narrates the story of Jesus Christ as drawn from all four Gospels

Exodus – God’s Presence Remains

Brian and Kevin wrap up the book of Exodus with the final Conversational Devotional of this Lenten season. In this reading we see God reminding the people that He is among them. They have built the tabernacle and have created a place for God’s presence to reside. The one on one conversation between God and the people is over for now. However, this leads us to our faith in knowing God is always there. His spirit is with us to guide us everyday.

Exodus – The Shining Face of Moses

The Conversational Devotional for today has Brian and Kevin discussing the shining face of Moses. After Moses had seen the glory of God his face shone and frightened the Israelites to the point that Moses would wear a veil when in their presence. Again we can pull this forward to Jesus and the transfiguration as the glory of God is shone upon Him on the mountaintop. The disciples were in fear just like the Israelites.