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Exodus – New Tablets and a Renewed Covenant

Brian and Kevin start this last week of the Exodus podcast talking about the remaking of the tablets. This has been a roller coaster of emotions as God once again renews His covenant with His people. As we see Moses continually interceding on behalf of the Israelites we are reminded of Christ interceding on our behalf. As we move into Holy Week it is a good reminder of Jesus taking all of our sin forever on his own shoulders.

Exodus – Moses Intervenes and Sees God’s Glory

Today’s episode centers around two sections of scripture. Brian and Kevin discuss the Lord sending His people to the promised land, but He will not go among them. Leaving the Israelites to wonder what the future holds for them as they are no longer worthy of His presence. However, in the second reading we once again see Moses intercede on behalf of the Israelites to try and calm God’s wrath.

Exodus – Ohhh Man is Moses Mad!

Ohhhhh man is Moses mad!! Today Brian and Kevin welcome Solomon Conrad to the podcast. In this discussion we see Moses unleash his anger on the people when he comes down from the mountain and sees the great sinfulness that is taking place. He punishes the people and we see such human emotion and reactions in these passages. He demands that the people either stand on the side of God or suffer the consequences.

Exodus – The Golden Calf

Brian and Pastor Andy Gimbel discuss the text for our final Wednesday Lenten service. The conversation centers around the Israelites’ construction of the golden calf. While Moses has been on Mount Sinai for 40 days, Aaron allows the people to build an idol in violation of the first commandment. This angers God and we see Moses pleading for the people to not be consumed. This points us to the same way Jesus stands between us and God in taking on all of our sin.

Exodus – The Sabbath

Today Brian and Kevin are joined once again by guest Elizabeth Belter. The devotion centers around God’s covenant of the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. We hear God give specific rules to Moses about how to keep this covenant as it is the direct sign between Him and His people. We discuss also how the sacrifice Jesus made grants us freedom from the strict rules the Israelites had to follow regarding the Sabbath.

Exodus – Aaronic Priesthood

As we enter the final week of Lent before Holy Week, Brian and Kevin welcome guests Pastor Andy Gimbel and Isaac Conrad. The conversation focuses on the consecrating of the priesthood. We see descriptions of the purpose and meaning behind the vestments that the priests wear. They discuss the anointing and the ties to Jesus and our modern day church.

Exodus – The Ark of the Covenant

Brian flies solo in the discussion today with the help of guests Pastor Andy Gimbel and Leah Miget. The conversation revolves around what the Ark of the Covenant means and how it is to be built. A little levity is brought to the discussion as they discuss Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in relation to what the scriptures say the Ark is to look like. The Ark may be lost to us today but we no longer need a place for God to dwell. He sends his Holy Spirit to be with us and in us everyday.

Exodus – Establishing the Covenant

The Conversational Devotional today centers around the establishment of the covenant. Brian, Kevin, and guest Elizabeth Belter discuss Moses’ confirming of God’s covenant with the sprinkling of the sacrificial blood on the people. We also see how Moses gathers 70 of his elders to teach them how to lead the people.

Exodus – The Ten Commandments

Brian and Kevin continue the roundtable discussion with Gene and Mary Camfield and Elizabeth Belter. The text for today centers around the covenant of the Ten Commandments. These verses can be heard in our Wednesday Lenten services today as well. The Israelites are in awe and almost fearful and ask Moses to speak with God for them. Listen in as we dig through the Commandments and how they center around how we are to treat God and treat our fellow man.

Exodus – God Speaks to His People

Today Brian and Kevin welcome a roundtable of sorts. Gene and Mary Camfield and Elizabeth Belter join the discussion today on the remainder of Exodus 19. In this reading we see God speak to the people. The Israelites are at the foot of the mountain witnessing the thunder and loud trumpet sounds as God speaks to Moses. Such amazing and awesome power and feeling this passage elicits.

Exodus – Arrival at Mount Sinai

As we move into week four of our Lenten devotional on Exodus, Brian and Kevin welcome avid listener and commentator Mary Camfield. The discussion centers around the Israelites arriving at Mount Sinai and God proclaiming them to be His “treasured possession”. Listen in on some great insights as the Israelites consecrate themselves in preparation for the Lord coming down into the sight of the people to speak.

Exodus – Jethro’s Advice

Brian and Kevin welcome guest Isaac Conrad to discuss chapter 18 of Exodus. The conversation centers around Moses’ need to lean on the elders and create a government of sorts. We can see this mirrored in our own church. Just like Moses, the sole pastor of a congregation must rely on the elders to help with the flock. Such a blessing we have at Holy Cross with all of our volunteers and church leaders!

Exodus – The Amalekites

On today’s podcast Brian and Kevin welcome guest Pastor Andy Gimbel. We are introduced to Joshua during the reading and discussion today. The Israelites face not just physical needs as they wander but also threats from other people in the land. They war against the Amalekites, and we see how Moses needs the support of Aaron and Hur to prevail in the battle. Again one man cannot do it alone.

Exodus – Water from the Rock

As Brian and Kevin dive into the text for the third Wednesday in Lent they discuss the Water from the Rock. The trend continues as the Lord hears the grumblings of the Israelites in the desert. We see again our theme of water and its power. From nothing the Lord, through Moses, provides nourishment for his people.

Exodus – Manna from Heaven – Part 2

Brian and Kevin continue to discuss the Manna from Heaven on today’s episode. God has provided for his people, and lays down a few simple laws for them to follow. Yet just like us, the Israelites struggle to obey. However, our ever-loving God continues to provide and forgive for 40 years.

Exodus – Manna from Heaven

Brian and Kevin are back at it again for the second full week on the podcast. Today they discuss the miraculous nature of manna as well as other ways that God still takes care of us today.

Exodus – Bitter Water Made Sweet

On today’s conversational devotional, Brian and Kevin, they see yet another side of the Lord’s provision for His people, acting as His healer. Our hosts also bring to light a couple of strong parallels to the story of Jesus and of the Gospel message.

Exodus – Song of Moses

The Conversational Devotional today centers on the Song of Moses. Brian and Kevin discuss this perhaps skipped over chapter in Exodus. The Israelites are celebrating their escape from Pharaoh and the Egyptians and praising God. What a weight that must have been lifted off their shoulders!

Exodus – The Red Sea

Brian and Kevin share a discussion of the text that will be meditated upon in our second Wednesday Lenten service today. The Israelites are free…..now what? The guys talk about the Israelites being led through the wilderness by the pillars of God. We also get to see the awesome power of the Lord, once again, with the parting of the Red Sea. The power of the water as we’ve seen before!

Exodus – 10th Plague

The Conversational Devotional today centers around the tenth and final plague. Brian and Kevin dive into the awesome power of God and the wave of destruction from the deaths of all the first born sons in Egypt. This plague is so devastating and yet we can see the promise of our Savior in this first Passover.