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Exodus – Manna from Heaven

Brian and Kevin are back at it again for the second full week on the podcast. Today they discuss the miraculous nature of manna as well as other ways that God still takes care of us today.

Exodus – Bitter Water Made Sweet

On today’s conversational devotional, Brian and Kevin, they see yet another side of the Lord’s provision for His people, acting as His healer. Our hosts also bring to light a couple of strong parallels to the story of Jesus and of the Gospel message.

Exodus – Song of Moses

The Conversational Devotional today centers on the Song of Moses. Brian and Kevin discuss this perhaps skipped over chapter in Exodus. The Israelites are celebrating their escape from Pharaoh and the Egyptians and praising God. What a weight that must have been lifted off their shoulders!

Exodus – The Red Sea

Brian and Kevin share a discussion of the text that will be meditated upon in our second Wednesday Lenten service today. The Israelites are free…..now what? The guys talk about the Israelites being led through the wilderness by the pillars of God. We also get to see the awesome power of the Lord, once again, with the parting of the Red Sea. The power of the water as we’ve seen before!

Exodus – 10th Plague

The Conversational Devotional today centers around the tenth and final plague. Brian and Kevin dive into the awesome power of God and the wave of destruction from the deaths of all the first born sons in Egypt. This plague is so devastating and yet we can see the promise of our Savior in this first Passover.

Exodus – Plauges Discussion

This week we listen in to a conversation on the first nine plagues. The guys discuss Pharaoh’s ever hardened heart despite the plagues that are ravaging the Egyptians. We get a very in depth look at each plague and the ramifications on the land and people.

Be sure to check out the bonus episode of the podcast where we have the opportunity to hear the Scripture reading in its entirety.

Exodus – Bonus Episode – The Plagues

In this bonus episode, Kevin and Brian read through the Biblical text of the plagues.

Exodus – Exodus 5; Exodus 7:1-13

Let my people go! I’m betting we’ve all heard, or even made, this exclamation at some point in our lives. Today’s conversation centers around Moses’ initial encounters with Pharaoh. Brian and Kevin discuss Moses’ plea to let his people go, if even just to be able to go pray, but Pharaoh’s heart is hardened.

Exodus – Exodus 4

Continuing on with the conversation, Brian and Kevin give us some insights on Moses’ journey back to Egypt. Again Moses feels unworthy and fears his people will not believe. Listen in to see how God placates Moses, and gives him wondrous signs to show the Israelites.

Exodus – Exodus 3

This Conversational Devotional centers around the text that can be heard at Holy Cross for the Lenten services today. It’s a familiar story you may know, the Burning Bush.  Brian and Kevin have a discussion about the awe Moses surely felt when speaking to God, but also the tremendous self doubt that he carries. After all he is just a man.

Exodus – Exodus 2

On this episode, Brian and Kevin look at the second half of Exodus 2 where we fast forward to Moses as an adult.  Kevin brings in some of the popular movie depictions of Moses’ upbringing and shares his thought as to how he was raised in the Egyptian household.  Meanwhile, Brian emphasizes the significance of Moses identifying himself with the Israelites, calling them “his people.”

Exodus – Exodus 1:15-22

On this episode, Brian Belter and Kevin Smith discuss the sad and unfortunate decision by Pharaoh of Egypt to make them endure even further.

Exodus – Exodus 1:1-14

On this episode, hosts Brian Belter and Kevin Smith begin to work their way through the book of Exodus.  Today we hear about how God continues to fulfill His promises to keep and protect His people even in the midst of troubled times.  We also join in a discussion on what it meant to for God’s people be sojourners and strangers while we also have our hearts open to sojourners and immigrants today.

Exodus – Intro to Exodus

On this episode, hosts Kevin Smith and Brian Belter go back in time a bit to give some background and introduction to the book of Exodus as we prepare to dig deeper into this treasure-filled book this Lenten season.

Exodus – Ash Wednesday – Exodus 2

On this episode, hosts Kevin Smith and Brian Belter talk through some of the parallels between the stories of the birth of Moses from Exodus 2 and the birth of Jesus.  Hear them as they still share the significance and impact for our lives today too!

Exodus – Introduction

On this episode, we are introduced to our podcast hosts, Brian Belter and Kevin Smith as they guide us as to what to expect from the podcast coming up.  Brian and Kevin each serve on our Board of Elders at Holy Cross.  We hope that you will join us in these audio devotionals during this Lenten season!

JESUS Heals the Lame Man – Acts 3-4

n this week’s episode, Pastor Gimbel is flying solo, but back with his voice at near full strength. Hear not only about the healing of the lame man in Acts 3 and 4, but also the after-effects of it. Also on this episode, Pastor Gimbel shares his big criticism of CPH’s titling of the lesson plan for this week as it concludes with the catchy children’s song that is bound to get you leaping! Tune in today!

God’s People Go Home – Ezra and Nehemiah

Our podcast has officially launched to the whole congregation! Feel free to encourage others to take advantage of this Bible study opportunity.

On this week’s episode, guest Shana Ziolko and I discuss Ezra, Nehemiah, and the stories that take place as God’s people go home from their exile in Babylon. Also discussed on this podcast are one movie that Pastor Gimbel has seen that Shana has not (a rare occurrence!), and a YouTube original song about Nehemiah to conclude the episode this week.

The Three Men in the Fiery Furnace – Daniel 3

On this week’s podcast, we are officially using it to launch our new Bible Study on the Go podcast to the whole congregation! The format of the podcasts won’t change much at all, except now the congregation and anyone else will be able to join in to listen as well!

We also welcome seminarian Joshua Ulm as our special guest as we talk through the story of The Three Men in the Fiery Furnace from Daniel 3. On this episode, Pastor Gimbel shares his opinion on campfire smell, Joshua Ulm tells about seminary students playing with fire, and concluding with one of the catchiest hymn refrains you can find in our hymnal.
We hope you get to listen in to this week’s episode!

Jeremiah and God’s New Covenant – Book of Jeremiah

The real lesson for this weekend (yes, I double checked the schedule) is Jeremiah and God’s New Covenant.  On this podcast, we welcome back Shana Ziolko as our special guest and talk about all things Jeremiah as well as Shana’s favorite CPH author and Pastor Gimbel’s idea of a Disney movie that has strong ties with this week’s lesson.  Find out more details in the audio!
Here are two video links to go with Jeremiah.  The first is Shana’s suggestion about refugees and what they took with them when they had to leave (it’s very powerful!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS-Q2sgNjl8
The second is also Shana’s suggestion from the Bible Project. They do excellent overviews of books of the Bible with good infographics. This is the link to Jeremiah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSK36cHbrk0